There are so many more things you can do at the beach with your Tow Skim Board when your are having a break from Tow Skim ming. The Tow Skim -agination guide outlines some fun, imaginative ideas to enhance your time at the beach.

We’re always on the lookout for some more great ideas to add to the Skim-agination guide. So if you have a flash of inspiration, drop us a quick email and let us know. If we add your idea to the Skim-agination Guide, we’ll be sure and give you credit — so make sure you send us a photo (or video) of you performing the act. Note: a profile pic of you is great, but we really need a picture of you performing the act!

‘Picasso’ Your Board

Draw a funky design on the bottom of your Tow Skim board.

‘Tow Skip’, Using The Tow Rope

Great if the surf conditions aren’t great, you can’t find anyone to toe you, or you just want to try something else. But don’t do this while riding the Tow Skim board!

Tow Skim at a Beach, a Lake, a River and a Puddle

It’s not just for the beach — the Tow Skim is usable in a variety of environments, so try it everwhere (but exercise some common sense – like, don’t ride it through a volcano!)

Tow Skim With Your Pet

Tow your pet, or get your pet to tow you. Unless your pet is a hamster — then please don’t (union rules….). Also, if your pet is a turtle, this might not be that fun….

Find Someone To Tow YOU

Look, ma, no board! Find a mate to tow you, without the Tow SkimBoard (ingenious, we know!)

Be smart about wrapping the rope underneath your arms — and not your neck!

Get Several Mates To Pull You at WARP SPEED

Friends are great. So is teamwork. Friends who employ teamwork to pull you down the beach at race-track speeds are friends you want to keep!

If you break the sound barrier, please send us a picture!

Make a Tow Skim Train

We find it easier to connect the ropes together for this so the riders can just ride. Really depends on your imagination and the tow’ers strength to see how many riders you can pull.

Organize a Tow Skim Tribe with Your Friends

Organise group Tow Skim sessions with all your friends.

Tandem Tow Skim

It’s always ‘more fun to Tow Skim with friends and Tandem TowSkim takes it to a whole new level — you not only ride with your friend, you ride alongside them, too! You can Tandem Tow Skim at all rider levels, so get shedding….

Use Your Tow Skim To Body Board In the Waves

We told you it was multi-purpose!

(Still won’t do your homework for you, though — that’s still up to you…)

Use your Tow Skim Board as a regular skimboard

If mum and dad are tired or you don’t have anyone to tow you, use the board for regular skimboarding or throw it down and jump on knees first and skim as far as you can.