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We were so excited to try out our new Tow Skim that we went to the beach on a rainy day!

And heading out again today!

Thank you for designing an absolutely awesome board!!!
Melissa Faucher
Tow Skimming for the first time ... better than a gym membership!

Move over Mr Bucket and Mrs Shovel, there's a new kid on the beach!

We looked at tricks and tutorials on the website before hitting the beach and couldn't believe how quickly [our kids] took to Tow Skim. By the end of the afternoon they were inventing and naming their own tricks.

The Jacklin Family

Great afternoon!

Will be there for the next 'skim', for sure. Oscar loved it and keeps watching the video on the phone.

Great job, you and boys. Great product!

AJ and Oscar
I received the Tow Skim board just in time for my daughters birthday, she is so pumped to get to the beach so we can try it out.

Loving the design....
Melissa Halliday
It's truly a fun work out for the entire family.

My children have [their Tow Skim boards] in the car always for the ever present opportunity to 'swing by' the beach

... and for me -- it beats going to a gym!
Sally, Magnus and Sadie
... these are amazing!

We have 5 kids who love water sports and they spend hours on your board.

Apart from the great exercise & fun they get from pulling it along, the skills they get from balancing are really helping their development.
Ben and Melissa Northwood
I must say, these boards are a lot of fun -- enjoyed by my own three boys (3yrs to 9yrs) and friends who joined us on the beach.

Not only did the kids run with me as I 'towed', but they could not wait to have a turn to tow the smaller children -- and of course to take their own turn themselves!

... both exciting and healthy, I recommend Tow Skim for any family who enjoy beach visits.
Andrew Curtin
For Christmas 2013 I got the first Limited Edition Tow Skim board. That's right -- the first one!

My family has so much fun on my cool board .... I'm learning to do new tricks every time I get pulled around and cannot wait to be able to do a 360!
Holly Diamond
Ltd. Edition Board
Serial Number ‘Uno’

Another awesome thing is that ALL our kids, from all ages, can use it: my 1 y/o sits on it while the other kids pull it along.


I would recommend the Tow Skim board to anyone.
Melissa Northwood

For the Songkran holidays we went to the beach with friends who brought a Tow Skim board with them.

... younger kids kneeling, older ones standing and when the parents get tired, the kids pulled each other! It was brilliant fun.
Gyuri Szabo
Woof! Grr ... Woof!

(Translation: " I ruv it! ")
(Soi 5)
My boys and I on the first day of Tow Skimming with new boards.....awesome.
Mark Breit
My sister recently shared the delightful news that's she's pregnant. When pressed, she admitted it was so that she had someone to give a Tow Skim board to.

Her husband says they plan on waiting a few months after the birth, before starting the child off with the orange Knee Rider band, though. So there's that ....
Eric Hehl