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Tow Skim is the latest innovation in beach products, promising to revolutionize fun at the beach by letting kids experience the thrill and excitement of skimming along the water’s edge. With its patented progressive towing system, Tow Skim allows kids of all ages and skill levels to enjoy safe, interactive, healthy fun.

Parents can pull their kids or kids can pull each other, so parents can relax while their little ones burn off some of that boundless energy (hold the applause, please!) Tow Skimming promotes coordination, balance, confidence and fitness, encouraging kids to develop the skills necessary for more advanced sporting activities.

About Our Company Tow Skim | Riding Tutorials | Tri-Color Rider Level Color Bar

Conceived on the beaches of Phuket, headquartered in SE Asia, distributed worldwide and enjoyed in the farthest inhabited regions of the Milky Way Galaxy, Tow Skim is a company built by friends, their children and the legions that make up the Tow Skim Global Tribe.

From the very beginning, our motto has been to “Bring kids and their parents together, with an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone.”

Check out Our Story for a full explaination of our origins.

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