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Welcome Our Newest Tribe Member


Our newest Tribe Member, Isobel, also happens to be pretty new to this world. She’s 2 months old and while she can’t yet ride a Tow Skim board (heck, she can’t even roll over on her own, yet) we’re expecting great things from this little Tribe member.

Here’s hoping her first words are ‘Tow Skim’ ….


Tow Skim Brings Smiles At KidFest 2014 (Canada)


KidFest 2014 was held at Parksville Qualicum, BC Canada on 10 August 2014. Put simply: it was great. A few hundred kids were given a taste of the excitement that Tow Skim Tribe Members are all too familiar with. We’re still sifting through the amazing pics and vids that Tow Skim Tribe Canada put together…