Ltd. Edition ‘Tow Skim Unleashed’ Celebratory Board SET

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This ‘Tow Skim Unleashed’ Celebratory Board Set was produced in limited quantities to commemorate the official worldwide ‘unleashing’ of Tow Skim on 25 April, 2014. Only 50 pieces were produced.

The board has a multi-colored Tow Skim logo scheme and comes with a pearl-white tow rope set.

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Additional Information

Weight 5.55 kg
Dimensions 52 x 94 x 0.14 cm

The following items are included in this purchase:

Tow Skim | What's Included | Board - Ltd Edition Purple


Tow Skim | What's Included | Tow Rope - Blue

Tow Rope

Tow Skim | What's Included | Board Bag - Blue and Purple

Board Bag

Tow Skim | What's Included | Ltd Edition Purple Wristband

Purple Wristband

Tow Skim | What's Included | Black Tow Skim Lid

Black Lid

Tow Skim | What's Included | Rider Wristband Set

Wristband Set

US$ 174.95 US$ 139.95